martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Self Machine

It said I gave you these scars
And I gave you these wounds
I told you the false
And I showed you the truth

I saw the mirror staring back at me
And it told me I’m a self machine
I’m not a human if you say I’m not
I’m not a human anekatips if my engines lock
And this motor that you call my heart
Is another machine that will stop .
I blame coco 
Its a new life so...i cut my hair. maybe when i have 30, i'll mature. 
now, i just wanna lay here and play my bass with no sense. Its hard to explain but ... never mind.

domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

And I knew you could never love me
I had so much sorrow inside
You could never reach
But I'll ask you this

Will you still miss me?...
...Do you love me?...
I wish i had the answer to my questions, i wish i had the courage...
to tell you that i love you more than anything... listen to me, I LOVE YOU.  

martes, 7 de junio de 2011

quiero caminar por encima de tu pelo hasta llegar al ombligo de tu oreja,
y recitarte un poquito de cosquilla', y regalarte una sábana de almejas
darte un beso de desayuno, pa' irnos volando hasta Neptuno. 
Si hace frío te caliento como una sopa de amapola
y con un fricasé de acerola.
 Calle 13

nd' i send you warm and tight hugs in the distance. coz baby its cold outside. cold... like you in this moments.


viernes, 3 de junio de 2011


¿cómo quieres que no tenga rabia
si lo que hay en mi
aún gira a tu alrededor?.
Mira bien mis ojos lloran rabia.. 
al no saber porqué te vas, sin saber decir o actuar...


I'm sick........ and, i like this song :), enjoy your weekend coz me, im gonna just lay down in to my bed and have a nice sleep, dreaming bout you.