martes, 31 de mayo de 2011


I just can't get a hold of why we always hurt the ones we love
Can burning hearts still keep us strong

I am not gonna be the person you expect me to be. im done, im not gonna follow your rules.
so Fuck you. and go on with your shitty life. 

jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011


you take me with you if you could, but i wouldn't go
I guess sometimes we both loose our minds, to find a better road.

i like to love you, is like my secret... i do not know if you feel the same, but sometimes... is better shut up.i want you by my side, i want you to be mine. ... You want the same?, please... tell me.

i told you, if it takes forever... forever it be.

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

i say i never will walk away.

i'm the setting sun behind the trees, the saddest one you've seen.
i've been burning holes and breaking dreams, and i regret it.
i'm fixing things i've broken, it's not as easy as it used to be.
i'm throwing temper tantrums, i used to settle.
but now i make a scene you can't believe...

I don't want to live forever, forever is just a word. I do not want to be remember, i want to be forgotten.
I want to die watching the stars, flying away holding your hand. I want to die feeling the cold breeze in my skin, like those days when i tried to no be so obvious 'bout my feelings with you.
I want to be a simple girl, a simple woman, a simple penguin, a simple part of this world. I do not dream about be famous, i do not try to be know it.
I don't want to make difference in this population, because i am the difference.
Everyone is always saying: ''i want to leave my print in this world''; i do not want to be part of that everyone.
Why now people are trying to fix this world, why now are they trying to take care of him. Maybe they are taking Conscience, but why now?, why not before when all was perfect. I got the answer, thats because the people are stupid, the person is not. If a 100 of guys suicide himself, another 100 will think thats the right way.

I am not part of the people, I am just a 'person', i'm just... me .

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

can't you see?

Oh sugar, oh sugar can't you see, how hard I'm trying?
You know you gotta, you know you gotta eventually make up your mind.
'Cause no one's gonna find you when you're hiding in the dark.
No one's gonna find you when you're hiding in the dark.

So won't you, so won't you talk to me?
It's time to decide.
'Cause no one's gonna save you if you don't swim for the boat.
No one's gonna save you if you won't take the rope.
No one's gonna find you when you're hiding in the dark. No one's gonna find you.
And it's end love, the sky is falling.

So sugar, so sugar dance with me this one last time.
We got no reason, we got no reason I can see to hold back tonight.
'Cause no one's gonna catch you if you can't just let go.
No one's gonna love you if you can't let love show.
No one's gonna find you when you're hiding in the dark. No one's gonna find you.


 it suppose to be like this always, fuck... i don't know what to do.

martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Hangin from the tree

if you should be that last autumn leaf
hanging from the tree.
i'll still be here waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me .


this is for you... and always will be for you c:

sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011


They say:

''hey now girl,tell me why do you do''

Sheh say's:

''I'm nothing but I'm damn sure it's more than you''


Sometimes i feel like i'm not part of something that we used to call family, i'm sick of this cause what i'm feeling is a crappy thing, is weird thing.

I want to feel that he look at me as a daughter, i want to feel more than 'who help me with some tech issues'. But i'm pretty sure that is gonna never happen; sucks to feel like this, i'm sure he love me, of course.... but also i'm sure he do it not the way that i want.

He don't pay atencion to me, he don't pay atencion to nothing, or maybe yes, to another person who isnt his own family, Everything to others!, favors, hugs, Praise to everyone! but me...  he don't even say 'good night' or 'sweet dreams'... Maybe is because works is too much, maybe is because is tired, but i'd like more, Some 'how was your day' would be enough.
Perhaps i'm the problem, perhaps ain't open myself too much as he want it... or maybe is because i know some things of him. Perhaps i have to talk about those things with someone beside my girl.

I know he is paying for my due and i'm not contempt it, but sometimes i'd like his love more than his money </3

Well.. i think i'm asking too much and if one of them (family) read this words, are gonna say ''she's over reacting'' but let's not forget.. it's ME who is feeling this.

It sucks to be me in this moments, i want you next to me, after all you are the only one who understand me or at least listen to me.

They'll say it Again

And they sacrifice their lives,
And they're lying about those odds.
Oh they've said it a billion times,
And they'll say it again.
So long, my adversary
And friend. 

 The strokes.

i miss the times when i just walked in to the forest, searching for some opportunities, searching maybe for the answer to my questions. I was a kid in those days, i was a simply teenager... who would say that now, beeing some kinda of woman, the answer just come to my head in no expected time. 

i'll like to say, this is my life.. and I want to choose whatever i like... and I choose you :)

miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

The first time

The first time I saw you, you turned away
I couldn't see you with the smoke getting in my eyes
I said "Hello" but you kept on walking
I'm going deaf from the sound of the DJ...

Plus 44.

i'll try to keep going with my writing, is amazing how i can explain my words in acts, is amazing how i feel tonight... in three words: i - m - in - love.. d'oh! that was four ;).

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Livin' in a new Dimension.

You have this person on the streets you aren´t correct because i´m ignorant as shit, not hear to preach, 
man you now, i just wanna have fun, go to the beach, man thats all i am. 
i´m just a simple guy who talks when you put a microphone in front him..

Julian Casablancas

...mmmm....Maybe next time.... ;)

lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

walk away

I wanna explode, watch me, im a lucky girl... See I, I like you. So won't you pay  if you wanna go down

I love to watch you, honey.. u need me so let's see: what do you care, if you want to u should pay if you wanna go..

Don't walk away, don't walk away love.....

I wanna touch you, slowly... im a lonely girl come on you want to, so won't you pay if you want to go down.

Id love to hurt you, easy i've got you inside me... what do you care?, if you want to u should pay if you wanna go..

Why don't you pay if you wanna go?  you got to pay if you want some more.

uh uh her ~

Words become in words when people is available to create something in their heads. Unfortunately i don't have the gift of writing, but i do my best in this simple text.
Pass few days have been amazings, everything is ok, the most important thing (which is me, btw) is ok :).

Love?.. oh! amazing hehe ~ (blush). If i can talk 'bout her could i say shes amazing, and seriously i don't even know how is possible to have this women by my side cause her support is fundamental for my life.
i been thinking in life lately, i'm asking to myself if i appreciate life and can not find the answer haha !, but its ok, cause now i thing i have to just enjoy my life, enjoy my family, enjoy my friends (they are not to much, just a couple), enjoy my pets but over everything enjoy my girlfriend.

i will never know when i'm gonna die, but what i know is that when the moment finally show up.. i'm gonna be proud of myself, cause as i heard one time... everything is magic.

jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

affacciati alla finestra amore mio...

Se ti incontro per strada non riesco a parlarti, mi si bloccano le parole.
non riesco a guardarti negli occhi mi sembra di impazzire,se potessi semplificare il battito del mio cuore
sentiresti un batterista di una band in metallo pesante, ed è per questo che sono qui davanti.
perché mi viene molto più facile cantarti una canzone, magari che la sentano i muri o le persone,
piuttosto che telefonarti, dirti tutto faccia a faccia, rischiando di fare una figuraccia.
sono timido, ma l'amore mi da coraggio !
e per dirti che da quando io ti ho vista è sempre maggio e a maggio il mondo è bello e invitante di colori,
ma ancora sugli alberi ci sono solo fiori che prima o poi si dice diverranno pure frutti e allora tu che fai, golosamente aspetti, aspetti che quel desiderio avvenga condiviso.

io sono qui davanti che ti chiedo un sorriso, affacciati alla finestra amore mio. Affacciati al balcone,
rispondimi al citofono, sono venuto qui col giradischi e col microfono insieme al mio complesso
per cantarti un sentimento e se tu mi vorrai  baciare io sarò contento.

una serenata rap  per dirti che ti te mi piace come mi guardi, mi piace come sei con me.
mi piace quel tuo naso  che si intona con il mondo, mi piace il tuo sedere così rotondo,
da rendere satellite ogni essere vivente, mi piaci perché sei intelligente.


miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

life its tuff

Been trying to found a reason to get better in this life. ''life is tuff'' i remember my granpa say to me before die.
Its very hard remember him, for years i don't even know what was to have a grand father, and in just a second after 18 years finaly i knew it...
at first it was difficult to talk with him, i felt so awkward, i didnt know what to talk, what subject... about.. what?
but al last ... our relationship was changing, somehow my trips to his house on the beach make it better. and i was so proud of him, it was difficult, it was happy, it was amazing .. ''finally i have a granpah!'' i was telling to myself.

2 years pass till we knew, we knew that he had cancer.... and it was then when i understood the famous words ''life is tuff''.

December 27- 2010, he die.. December 27, 6 days after my birthday, 2 days after christmas... 4 days before new year.

I miss my granpah so much, he was the only image of 'grand father' that i had, and i miss him, even the times that i didnt to talk to him, even when he didnt look at me like a Granddaughter.

There's one thing that i remember of my granpa when i was a kid, it was on his beach house... some family stuff i think, and it was my granpa and i, looking for some Crabs on the rocks; i was like 8 years old and i was about to touch one of the alive crabs and he say to me ''don't... its gonna hurt, and i don't want to you cry cause big girls don't cry'' and he smiled at me... for the first time, he smile at me...

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011