lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Farewell ~

I miss your face,
I miss the places that I once knew 
but I dont like this space .. this abscense lays with insomnia 

i must say farewell, to you, my only grandma for years, my support in my life when i was a child. 
You told us how to survive to life, you taught us how to live in this world. 

Thank you for everything grandma, i'm gonna miss you so much, i'm gonna remember you every single second in me. 
I always will love you, cause you was the best grandma ever. 

25 march 1922 -- 20 july 2011 and forever.
Olga ♥

martes, 19 de julio de 2011

there it is.

You'll find a way to make me crazy hazy
So hypnotized think of the blue skies, new eyes
And I'll never roam again
And I'm back in love again
And I see the stars again
Find my way back home again
 i've delete this words a million of times, because i do not know what i cant write now. Have been pretty much time isn't?, Well i was for me.

Thinking about the subjet, somes say that time can cure everything, but what is a cure anyway?... wich somebody tell me... 

i'm creating some new stuffs, i'm changing my way to think, i'm keeping out my feelings.
but i'm not sure why i'm still writing this... i guess is because i'm waiting for something, and that something is not gonna come if i dont look for it. so...

There it is!

Greetings, Me

viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

i think i took it too much (too much!)

We grow too fast
Now slow the pace
Now I want nothing but your face
And in this game you win the race
I lose out underground
In this cold world you are the warmth
You are the lightning of my storm
I’ve lost my dreams in which you won’t come true

Forgive me darkstar
'Cause I love you
I think I took it too far
'Cause I love you
In time you'll love me back but time will be too late
I packed a pistol just in case
My constant smiles at me and tells me its okay
So fuck the distance let's embrace <3


I saw myself in a mirror, i think im growing old too fast, this is maybe cause im in love, and when im in love.... my body feel sick. i've been sick for the three pass years.

My heart is bleeding, and i wont stop it, is nice to be hurt; it make me feel alive.. and, probably, i deserve it.
Sometimes, i just lay down in to my bed and dream, dream about being in another places, just pack my suitcase and go far away, with no look back, just take some train, some autobus and run away... Maybe i need some of 'nowhere'. But, is just a dream, is just a 'want to'.... thats is not gonna happen, not... 'till you tell me you don't love me anymore.
Because, that is my HOPE . I know you still love me.