lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

i'm trying

i'm trying to do something with my life, im supose to love someone but lastly i'm wondering: how the hell i'm gonna love someone else if i don't love myself.

Is easy to say, 'YES I LOVE MYSELF' but... how many people realy mean it?.
Love is a fancy word, Love is a nice and quiet word, Love is a Odious word, Love is just a word, Love is a feeling, Love doesn't exist when you Don't want that exist.

So, we could say that Love is not real when you don't want it to be real, but matter of fact we all love in some point of ours lifes and i'm NOT meaning family's love, or friendly love...
I'm talking about LOVE, passion, that feeling when you want someone to be YOURS, that feeling that you cant take it off you chest, that feeling inside of yours pants, that feeling in your Throat.. i'm talkin about that kind of love.

well, that kind of love, is the one that at least one time you felt... and then is over, and is just over. And you cant ask to yourself: '' this is it?, just this... i felt so many feelings, so many sensations, i cried so hard for her, and now is over?''. And then you remember all the good moments with her, and all the bad moments with her, and that's when you try to find the reason of the break up, of the end of this Loving cataclysm, and then finaly you can find it.

And guess what? it never was your fault.

well i get confused.

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