sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011


They say:

''hey now girl,tell me why do you do''

Sheh say's:

''I'm nothing but I'm damn sure it's more than you''


Sometimes i feel like i'm not part of something that we used to call family, i'm sick of this cause what i'm feeling is a crappy thing, is weird thing.

I want to feel that he look at me as a daughter, i want to feel more than 'who help me with some tech issues'. But i'm pretty sure that is gonna never happen; sucks to feel like this, i'm sure he love me, of course.... but also i'm sure he do it not the way that i want.

He don't pay atencion to me, he don't pay atencion to nothing, or maybe yes, to another person who isnt his own family, Everything to others!, favors, hugs, Praise to everyone! but me...  he don't even say 'good night' or 'sweet dreams'... Maybe is because works is too much, maybe is because is tired, but i'd like more, Some 'how was your day' would be enough.
Perhaps i'm the problem, perhaps ain't open myself too much as he want it... or maybe is because i know some things of him. Perhaps i have to talk about those things with someone beside my girl.

I know he is paying for my due and i'm not contempt it, but sometimes i'd like his love more than his money </3

Well.. i think i'm asking too much and if one of them (family) read this words, are gonna say ''she's over reacting'' but let's not forget.. it's ME who is feeling this.

It sucks to be me in this moments, i want you next to me, after all you are the only one who understand me or at least listen to me.

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