lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

i say i never will walk away.

i'm the setting sun behind the trees, the saddest one you've seen.
i've been burning holes and breaking dreams, and i regret it.
i'm fixing things i've broken, it's not as easy as it used to be.
i'm throwing temper tantrums, i used to settle.
but now i make a scene you can't believe...

I don't want to live forever, forever is just a word. I do not want to be remember, i want to be forgotten.
I want to die watching the stars, flying away holding your hand. I want to die feeling the cold breeze in my skin, like those days when i tried to no be so obvious 'bout my feelings with you.
I want to be a simple girl, a simple woman, a simple penguin, a simple part of this world. I do not dream about be famous, i do not try to be know it.
I don't want to make difference in this population, because i am the difference.
Everyone is always saying: ''i want to leave my print in this world''; i do not want to be part of that everyone.
Why now people are trying to fix this world, why now are they trying to take care of him. Maybe they are taking Conscience, but why now?, why not before when all was perfect. I got the answer, thats because the people are stupid, the person is not. If a 100 of guys suicide himself, another 100 will think thats the right way.

I am not part of the people, I am just a 'person', i'm just... me .

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