lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

walk away

I wanna explode, watch me, im a lucky girl... See I, I like you. So won't you pay  if you wanna go down

I love to watch you, honey.. u need me so let's see: what do you care, if you want to u should pay if you wanna go..

Don't walk away, don't walk away love.....

I wanna touch you, slowly... im a lonely girl come on you want to, so won't you pay if you want to go down.

Id love to hurt you, easy i've got you inside me... what do you care?, if you want to u should pay if you wanna go..

Why don't you pay if you wanna go?  you got to pay if you want some more.

uh uh her ~

Words become in words when people is available to create something in their heads. Unfortunately i don't have the gift of writing, but i do my best in this simple text.
Pass few days have been amazings, everything is ok, the most important thing (which is me, btw) is ok :).

Love?.. oh! amazing hehe ~ (blush). If i can talk 'bout her could i say shes amazing, and seriously i don't even know how is possible to have this women by my side cause her support is fundamental for my life.
i been thinking in life lately, i'm asking to myself if i appreciate life and can not find the answer haha !, but its ok, cause now i thing i have to just enjoy my life, enjoy my family, enjoy my friends (they are not to much, just a couple), enjoy my pets but over everything enjoy my girlfriend.

i will never know when i'm gonna die, but what i know is that when the moment finally show up.. i'm gonna be proud of myself, cause as i heard one time... everything is magic.

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