martes, 19 de julio de 2011

there it is.

You'll find a way to make me crazy hazy
So hypnotized think of the blue skies, new eyes
And I'll never roam again
And I'm back in love again
And I see the stars again
Find my way back home again
 i've delete this words a million of times, because i do not know what i cant write now. Have been pretty much time isn't?, Well i was for me.

Thinking about the subjet, somes say that time can cure everything, but what is a cure anyway?... wich somebody tell me... 

i'm creating some new stuffs, i'm changing my way to think, i'm keeping out my feelings.
but i'm not sure why i'm still writing this... i guess is because i'm waiting for something, and that something is not gonna come if i dont look for it. so...

There it is!

Greetings, Me

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